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City of Pryor Creek

Message from the Mayor


It is my privilege and honor to welcome readers of this greeting to Pryor, Oklahoma.

This website is always being updated (though I admit, sometimes slowly) and it is my hope that each of you use it for a multitude of reasons. It should give you direction, help you find the information you need regarding the City of Pryor, encourage you to engage in our city services, and reflect our welcoming spirit.

We find ourselves in a time of history that is like none other. I believe that 2019-2020 is a tipping point fiscal year in our history. We must either step up to building our future or sit back and watch other communities capitalize on what is “right under our nose.” With a strong economy among us we can either reinvest during good times or wait until it turns around, and, history guarantees that it will turn around.

Currently we are strong, and our financial condition is strong. By virtue of our connection to one another via our citizenship and ownership of Pryor, all of us are connected with government agencies, with “not for profit” agencies committed to healthy communities, with our corporate and business partners, with faith-based organizations, with education systems, and with our City of Pryor services. Processes are now gaining new definitions that translate to more efficient services as appropriate budgeting for the best stewardship practices are put into practice. Safety, maintenance, city planning, economic development, partnership, and financial responsibility are the broad areas of focus.

Here are some concepts and plans that you may recognize on our horizon. Jefferson Highway, The District, BMX, Trail System, Green Space, Gathering Space, Police/ Fire Center, Library Expansion, Renovation and enhancement of some City Properties, Enhanced Internet, 2020 Census, and a focused emphasis on Pryor Main Street and Downtown Economic Development.

Moving Pryor forward via stewardship, guardianship, and empowerment takes all of us pulling together. Please, let me encourage you to engage your gifts and talents toward these opportunities. As time passes you will see ways to engage with volunteerism that will “turn your crank” or “float your boat,” so to speak. Your Mayor, City Council and City Boards, Commissions and Committees, are functioning for all of us toward the goal of “Moving Pryor Forward, Together.” Please consider joining this movement. We can be productive together as we take our great plowed ground from the past toward a yield of great productivity in our future.


Larry Lees, Mayor    




Contact Information

Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

[O] 918-825-0888, [F] 918-825-6577

12 North Rowe Street, Pryor Creek, OK 74361

P.O. Box 1167, Pryor Creek, OK 74362


"I believe Pryor Creek has a lot to be proud of, including our school system, which is largely new and improved, our school superintendent, who I believe is as good…

--Wayne Jones, Owner of Champion Collision

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Pryor Creek

PHONE: 918-825-0888 | FAX: 918-825-6577
PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 12 North Rowe Street, Pryor Creek, OK 74361 | MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1167, Pryor Creek, OK 74362

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