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City of Pryor Creek

Floodplain Management

Mayor Jimmy Tramel, Doug Moore and Johnny Janzen are accredited by the OWRB (Oklahoma Water Resource Board) and designated by the Pryor Creek City Council to administer and implement laws, ordinances and regulations relating to the management of floodplains within the corporate city limits.  

Floodplain permits are required for development within a designated floodplain.  An application for a floodplain development permit shall be presented to the floodplain administrator and may include, but not limited to, plans in duplicate, drawn to scale showing the location, dimensions, elevation of proposed landscape alterations, existing and proposed structures. The approval or denial of a development permit by the floodplain administrator shall be based on provisions provided in Section 12-4-3 of the City code.

A request for variance may be filed, along with a filing fee and petitioned before the City Floodplain Board. Sec. 12-4-4.

Please call 918-825-1679 or email with any questions.



Variance filing fee:                                                           


Notice of intent fee:                                                          


Floodplain development permit application fee:                  


Inspection fee:                                                                 


Floodplain development permit fee:                                   


(Ord. 2011-7, 8-2-2011)



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