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Hotel / Motel Grant Application Process

Applications/Letters of Intent – See Guidelines below


Per Hotel Motel Board Meeting February 8, 2016: APPLICATION & LETTER OF INTENT SUBMITTAL PERIOD FOR FY 2016 – 2017.

  • The Board agreed that the Applications and Letters of Intent submittal period should be shortened to one (1) month.
  • The Applications & Letters of Intent for FY 2016 – 2017 will be due June 30, 2016 instead of July 31st.

Per Hotel Motel Board Meeting August 4, 2015: It is not possible to fund events that take place in the months of July and August because the Budget is not available to disperse. Events that take place from September 1 through June 30 fall within the funding period. 


Community Economic Impact: 

Potential position impact for community is a significant benefit that can be measured. Tourism impacts the local economy in terms of new money brought into the Community by visitors. Overnight stays bring in more dollars than day visits. 

Selection Process:

When the application solicitation period opens, the Hotel/Motel Board will use every opportunity to inform potential applicants of the funding process and its eligibility criteria. During that period, the Board will also be available to potential applicants to provide technical assistance as applicants prepare their requests. When the solicitation period closes, qualifying applications will then be forwarded to the Hotel -Motel Board for review. The Board will develop a package that will recommend which projects to be funded and at what levels. This package will then be forwarded to the Budget Committee, which will then:

Return it to the Hotel/Motel Board with recommendation for changes, or 
Recommend it to the City Council for approval

If not approved by the City Council, the Council will return the package to the Hotel/Motel Board with recommendations for changes when they make their final decision.

The Hotel/Motel Tax Allocation Board Must Approve All Allocation of Funds.

The City of Pryor Creek is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, and families with children, and/or disabilities.


  • Guidelines:

2015 – 2016 Fiscal Year Hotel/Motel – Rules for Funding

  • Ordinances:

(Article A. Hotel/Motel Tax) 

(Ordinance. 98-4, 5-19-1998) (Resolution No. 2012-3) (Resolutions No. 2014-10)

  • Application:

Hotel / Motel Tax Allocation Grant Application (Fill In)

To submit your application by email:
1. Click on the link above.
2. Save as a pdf file to your computer. (Key Stroke - Ctrl S)
3. Change the file name to your name. (EX: John Smith )
4. Fill out the form by typing directly within the document.
5. Email it to the addresses below.

Download Documents and submit to: or | Fax to: (918) 825-6577 | Hand deliver to: 12 North Rowe Street, Suite B

The Hotel / Motel Tax Board and the City of Pryor Creek encourages the use of local vendors when purchasing items for events that will be funded by the Hotel / Motel Tax Grant.

Hotel / Motel Board Members:

*Randy Chitwood - Chairman 
Tara Wallace
Tracey Dean -
Evett Barham -

Board Secretary: Darla Coats 

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"I believe Pryor Creek has a lot to be proud of, including our school system, which is largely new and improved, our school superintendent, who I believe is as good…

--Wayne Jones, Owner of Champion Collision

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